Checked baggage

Checked baggage

You are flying from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport ? Find out useful information about checked luggage.

You should know that the baggage weight limit depends on the airline with which you are travelling.

Forbidden objects in the hold

Here is a non exhaustive list of items prohibited in the hold of a plane. Dangerous and hazardous substances are of course prohibited :

  • Explosives
  • Fire hazard materials
  • Dangerous chemical products
  • Self defense material (irritant gas, urticants, tear-gas)
  • In hold baggage weight

    baggage weight

    In hold baggage weight restrictions depend on the airline. Please refer to the baggage weight restrictions accepted by your airline.

    Be careful : if you have connecting flights with different airlines.

    In hold baggage loss, damage or delay

    For all complaints about in hold baggage, you must contact your airline company, it is the main contact for all baggage loss, damage or delays.

    For all complaints, please see the bottom of this page and choose your airline ( the complaint must be made within 7days following your arrival ) : In hold baggage complaints